Issue a Graduation Degree Certificate as a replacement


  • Service Time

    • The average time for application submission: 5 minutes • The average time to issue the document: 5 working days for Replacement of any lost original diploma and one month for the digital diploma.

  • Service Fee

    AED 157.50

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Issuing the replacement of the graduate degree certificate in case it's lost, damaged or has a typo error.

(Please before starting the service, hand the original passport, passport copy, and court letter if needed to the Admissions & Registration Department. The Staff will verify and take the copy only)

1. Click Login.

2. Use your ZU ID and password.

3. Click Start.

4. In case you have a comment, please write it in the comment box.

5. Submit.

6. You will receive automatic email with payment instructions link.

7. When you click on the link it will take you to the electronic gate system (e-dirham). You can then pay either by e-dirham or credit card.

8. You will receive the payment confirmation invoice in your email.

9. Finance department and Admissions & Registration department will start the service.

10. Admissions & Registration department will send you a notification that the document is ready for collection from the Registration Office.

1. Original Passport

2. Passport copy

3. Court letter if needed

Admissions & Registration Department: RegistrarAuh[@] or RegistrarDxb[@]

1. Any official documents issued for a student by the Registrar’s office needs to be picked up personally by the student herself/himself.

2. All official documents that are not picked up by stipulated time, will be archived.

3. All above mentioned tuition fees are including VAT in line with the requirements of the Federal Decree Law No. 08 of 2017 and its Executive Regulations.

4. The request will expire automatically if not paid for within 3 working days.

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