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    7 (Seven) Calendar Days

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    5,000 AED

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Request to Defer Graduate Program Admission - English Version

Click Login.

• Enter your ZU ID # and password to login.

• Click Start.

• Write your Full Name as per passport, ZU Student ID Number, Program Name, Academic Year, Admission Deferment Fee (5,000 AED) Receipt # on the comment box.

• The Graduate Registrar’s Office checks your financial status with the Finance Department.

• If your financial status is cleared, the Graduate Registrar’s Office defers your admission and notifies you of your deferred admission status by using your ZU email address.

• If your financial status is not cleared, the Graduate Registrar's Office notifies you by using your ZU email address to clear your finances in order to proceed with your request.

• You must notify the Graduate Registrar’s Office once you have cleared your accounts.

Copy of "Offer of Admissions"

Receipt #

Kalthoum AlMarzouqi, Senior Graduate Programs Admissions Officer, Tel: +971-2-599-3562 Email: cgs.admissions[@]

Copy of "Offer of Admissions"

Receipt #

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