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This e-Service card allows a female student to suspend her registration for the semester in which the baby is expected to be born

1. Click Login

2. Use your ZU ID and password

3. Click Start

4. You will be taken to another webpage where you will be prompted to fill the required electronic form.

5. Submit

6. Registrar office – Processes it on the system

Note: This service is subject to input from the Faculty Advisor, Clearance from CPDO/Library/IT and initial approval from Finance and Approval from Registrar’s Office and final approval from Finance.

• Medical report stating the expected delivery date, or

• Birth certificate of the baby

Admissions & Registration Department: Abu Dhabi: Male Campus 02-5993659 / Female Campus 02-5993773 - Dubai: 04-4021444

1- Maternity suspension does not count toward the suspension limit provided the student provides medical documents/birth certificate to suspend in the same semester of given birth.

2- If a student chooses not to utilize a semester maternity attendance suspension but chooses to deliver her baby and return to complete the semester, she must stay within the 15% total semester absence requirement to receive credit for the class.

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