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Provide technical support to students

1. Click Start

2. You will be redirect to service desk website

3. Login with your ZU ID & password.

4. Click on “Create a New Incident”

5. Write complete detail of your request in “Incident Description”, and Select Priority

6. Click on Submit.

7. Service Desk staff will receive your request on-line and will respond to your request immediately.

Any Relevant document can be attached to report an issue in PDF, JPG and MS Office format

Email – ,

Web –

Phone – AUH - 02 599 3666 / DXB – 04 402 1777 ( only if you do not have access to email or web)

This Service is only available for current Zayed University Students and Employees

Zayed University provides high quality education and it is recognized as one of the leading universities in the region for excellence in educational innovation. We as an IT Department are a part of this entity and we work on supporting the students in their educational journey and we realize the importance of building a sustainable community and being an effective part of the world and UN sustainability supporting goals. Hence, we illustrate below our contribution to Sustainability Development Goals.

Quality Education: The IT Client Services Unit ensures the continuation and delivery of high quality education to all the students by providing IT technical support on & off campus. Service Desk provides consistent and reliable support of classes to makes it possible for educators to better leverage their use of technology as an effective teaching and learning tool. Technical support team ensures that the technology continues to function, remains up to date and is fully usable by Faculty, and students.

Reduced inequalities: People of determination face challenges of all types, IT Service desk provides constant support of technologies that can help them have an easier learning experience while being able to access all needed resources just like the other students. These technologies help them read and write documents, communicate with others, and search for information on the Internet. The main purpose of supporting people of determination with these rehabilitative technologies is to enable them to be a part of society and lead a near-normal life.

Gender Equality: IT Service Desk supports both genders equally & treats all students, staff, and faculty fairly. Service Desk has an inclusive culture that ensures equal access to resources to enable students from both genders to fully participate in the learning process and enable everyone to reach their full potential.

Life on Land: We contribute to this goal through some of our green initiative” which is mainly focusing on managing printing and reducing the use of papers. For example, printing back and front on one page instead of printing on two pages. ZU printers are used by students, faculty, and staff around the campus via a smart system that keeps the IT helpdesk aware of the volume of print jobs released which can help in analyzing the amount of paper used and how the university can contribute to reducing waste and recycling it when possible.

Decent work and economic growth: Employment opportunities & well-paid quality jobs are available to both male & female students to help them be productive, develop and grow through a program called (ON CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT).

IT Service Desk center monitors and maintains university’s computer systems and provides the technical expertise needed to keep all ZU systems running smoothly thus enabling employees, faculty & students to stay productive and maximize the utilization of technologies provided for all users.

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