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This e-Service card allows all students to withdraw from the University except those who are on Academic Probation 2 and Special Probation

1. Click Login

2. Use your ZU ID and password

3. Click Start

4. Submit

5. Registrar office – Processes it on the system

Note: This service is subject to input from the Faculty Advisor, Clearance from CPDO/Library/IT and initial approval from Finance and Approval from Registrar’s Office and final approval from Finance.

Admission & Registration Department: RegistrarAuh@zu.ac.ae or RegistrarDxb@zu.ac.ae

1- Withdrawal within the time frame published in the academic calendar will guarantee withdrawal without penalty.

2- Withdrawal after the deadline will results in withdrawal with failure and will affect the CGPA.

3- Students in the academic standing special probation (SP) are not allowed to withdraw.

4- If a student withdraws after the deadline and with the Academic Standing Probation 2, he will automatically be placed in Academic Dismissal.

5- Readmitted students are not allowed to withdraw in the same semester of being readmitted.

6- Students will remain active and held responsible for missing any classes until the form is completed.

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