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    Course self registration should be done before the start of the course

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Course Self-Registration - English Version

Click Login

• Link with UAE pass and enter your ZU ID # and password to login.

• Click Start.

• Select the term

• View your projection and select your sections

• Submit registration

Course Registration Fee (as per the Schedule of Graduate Tuition Payment Plans) Receipt #

Wafa Alwahedi, Graduate Registrar, Tel: +971-2-599-3112 Email:

A student:

• Must be officially admitted into a master's degree program.

• Must pay a registration fee prior to self registering for courses.

• Must pay the required course registration fees as per the Schedule of Graduate Tuition Payment Plans

• Must meet the academic requirement in case of any course pre-requisites.

• Claiming external sponsorship for the payment of tuition must provide a written confirmation from his/her sponsor to the Graduate Registrar's Office before registering for any course(s).

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