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This e-Service card allows the student to suspend registration no more than twice, for a maximum of two semesters (consecutive or non-consecutive) during their period of study at ZU.

- without penalty during the Add/Drop week

- with penalty after two weeks from the start of the semester

1. Click Login

2. Use your ZU ID and password

3. Click Start

4. Submit

5. Registrar Office – Processes it on the system

Note: This service is subject to the input of the Faculty Advisor, Clearance from CPD&S/Library/IT and initial clearance from Finance, Approval from the Registrar’s office and Final approval from the Finance Department.

Admission & Registration Department: Or

1- The student may suspend registration without penalty only during the first two weeks of the semester.

2- Maternity suspension does not count toward the suspension limit provided the student provides medical documents/birth certificate to suspend in the same semester of given birth.

3- Attendance suspension is counted toward the suspension limit.

4- Suspension within the time frame published in the academic calendar (two weeks from the start of the semester) will guarantee you withdrawal without penalty.

5- A student will receive withdrawal/suspension with penalty (WF) from the courses if he/she suspended after the deadline and will affect the CGPA.

6- The student who suspends registration is considered inactive and does not enjoy University privileges such as access to campus or use of the library unless granted an exception by the University.

7- Student with the academic standing Special probation (SP) are not allowed to suspend.

8- Readmitted/Reinstated students are not allowed to suspend in the same semester of being readmitted.

9- Student will remain active and held responsible for missing any classes until the form is completed.

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