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    The average time for receiving an appointment is approximately 24 hrs after the request is placed.

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The portal contains all the electronic services of the Student Counselling Centre, such as making an appointment with a counsellor, providing an academic accommodation, registering and attending training workshops, or referral which faculty/advisors and professors can request. And in a safe and supportive environment and always taking into account their privacy. To enable them to perform at the best academic and personal level and achieve their personal and leadership goals.

1. Log in to the portal

2. Click on the preferred service (booking appointments/ accommodation/ referral /calendar of events/ upcoming events)

3. Fill the application or form

4. Submit

Valid Medical report for accommodation service

Abu Dhabi Campus:

Amal Bin Alawi

Tel: 02-5993728 /0564156060

Office: (ADM.1.107)


Dubai Campus:

Sara Al Marzooq

Tel: 04-4021637/ 055-3646463

Office: (R-GF-077)


Booking Appointments:

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please inform us 24 hours ahead. If you miss or change an appointment without prior notice of 24 hours, we will be unable to provide you with another one for two weeks.


Deadline for the accommodation is 4th week of every semester. We can't accept any request unless it's an emergency.

Goal 3 :Promoting health and wellbeing by providing psychological services that increase self awareness, resilience, skills development, and emotional growth and wellbeing.

Goal 6: Empowering women decreasing gender inequality by empowering women through raising self awareness, purpose, direction and self-determination.

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