Master Students - Letter of Examination Leave
Master Students
Application for Graduate Program Admission
UAE and Non-UAE Students
Master Program- Material Shipment Request
Graduated Master students
Master Programs - Attestation Letter in Arabic
Graduated Master Students
Master Programs - Sponsor Access
ZU Students
Master Programs - To Whom It May Concern Letter
Active Master Students
Master Students - Academic Official Transcript
ZU Students
Master Students - Graduate Student Handbook
Graduated Master students
Master Students – Replacement Official Diploma - Arabic version
ZU Students
Master Students – Replacement Official Diploma - English version
ZU Students
Academic Advising
Currently enrolled Zayed University students
Admission for international students
All international students (Non-Emirati)
Admission for non-current & current students
All none current Emirati and national mother students
Admission for transfer and diploma students
All transfer, high diploma students from accredited academic institutes are eligible to apply to Zayed University
Fresh start admission
All ZU students who have been dismissed for a maximum of two semesters (one year)
Readmission to ZU
Former ZU Students who have withdrawn/ exceeded maximum suspension and their GPA is 2.0 or above
Scholarship Request
ZU Students
Alumni ID Card (Abu Dhabi)
ZU Alumni (male & female)
Alumni ID Card (Dubai)
ZU Alumni (male & female)
Request Alumni Letter (Abu Dhabi) "To Whom it May Concern"
ZU Alumni graduates both male and female
Request Alumni letter (Dubai) "To Whom It May Concern"
ZU Alumni graduates both male and female
Career Counselling
ZU Current Students and Alumni
Employers-Online CV Portal
Job Advertisement
Exam Accommodation Request
All current ZU students
Material Accommodations Request
ZU students
Student Registration Form
All ZU students
Trainings & Workshops for Faculty and Staff
ZU Faculty and Staff
Trainings & Workshops for Students with Disabilities & Volunteers
ZU students with disabilities and ZU volunteers.
Volunteer Registration
All ZU students
Financial Aid
Zayed University UAE National Students or students who have an Emirate mother
Issue “To Whom It May Concern” Certificate (Study Continuation)
Active ZU Students
Issue a Graduation Certificate as a replacement
ZU Students
Issue a Student ID Card as a replacement
Active ZU Students
Issue an Academic Transcript
All ZU Students
Student Course Registration
Active ZU Students
Student Data Modification
Active ZU Students
IT Service Desk
Zayed University Graduate and Undergraduate students, Zayed University Employees and Faculty.
ONCE Program
ZU Current Students
Psychological Counseling
Current ZU Students

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