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Information Last Updated: Mar 16, 2022

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Health e-service is a web-based health system where ZU community members can schedule an appointment to receive health care or have medical consultation online. Also, they can attain health support services especially for those who have chronic health conditions.

It is an easy and effective service that allows students, faculty and staff members to access online health services; get medical queries answered and have consultation with medical team via live chatting option. This system is also providing management of clients’ clinic appointments.

The most important features of Health E- Service system:

• Clients can check their old clinic appointments in the system when they need.

• E-Health provides early notifications for clients to remind them of their appointment.

• Clients can access to the clinic instructions and advises.

• Contact clients through emails and live chat.

• Obtain health support services for students with chronic illness.

• Client can register their clinic appointment based on the timing available.

• The system is effective and easy to use


1.Login to the system using your ZU ID and password. You can use your Emirates ID if you don't have ZU ID.

2.Submit appointment request by click on “ New Appointment” to book appointment.

3.Choose Appointment Date and Time then click on Continue.

4.Submit the registration form

5.Just 5 minutes before the appointment time, you will receive a reminder email.

6.Click on the link received in the reminder email to chat with the Doctor/Nurse, or login to the system and click “My appointment” then “Chat” to open the chat window to chat with the health services team

Target Audience

ZU Community

Required Documents

ZU ID Card

Emirates ID(for non ZU community)

Service Contact

DXB Campus Wellness Center, Ebtisam. Saleh, 04-4021766, email: Ebtisam.Saleh[@]zu.ac.ae..

Terms and Conditions

Have an active ZU ID

Have Emirates ID to register for non-ZU community

Have to register online BEFORE accessing the clinic

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