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Information Last Updated: Feb 02, 2022

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* The program is designed to give UAE employees on grades (3, 4s, 4,5s) the opportunity to gain knowledge and guidance from Mentors of different backgrounds and experiences.

* Mentorship provides a safe learning environment and focuses on the professional development of the mentee.

* The duration of the mentoring sessions can last from 3 to 6 months. The aim of the mentoring sessions can be focused on the overall career development or can be project based.


As a Mentee:

- You will be prompted to enter a user name and password, enter your ZU ID and Login Password.

- You need to select Mentor from the list provided, you will be able to review the Mentor’s profile

- Write a comment to specify mentoring area

- Click on Submit

- Once you submit, you will receive notification emails as the process goes until end of the mentoring duration.

- At the end of the mentoring duration, notification will be sent to fill the evaluation form.

- log in and press on the evaluation form, then fill, save and attach the form.

- press Submit.

Target Audience

ZU Staff

Required Documents


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Terms and Conditions

•Mentors and Mentees should commit to the program for the assigned time frame.

• Should be on time and be prepared for scheduled mentoring meetings

• Notify my mentor/mentee if I am unable to keep my mentoring session

• Engage in the relationship with an open mind.

• Keep discussions within the mentoring relationship confidential

• Seek assistance with the mentoring program administrator when needed, and notify him/her of any significant change

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