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Information Last Updated Nov 15, 2020

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ARM is a web-based advising system where students can schedule an appointment to meet their advisors. Also, students can attain academic support services such as PALs.

It is an easy and effective service that allows students to follow their academic performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses in their academic performance in advance. This system is also providing management of students’ advising appointments, records meetings reports, identify students during academic assessments, and first-year duration, as well as provide internal training and career path guidance.

The most important features of ARM:

• Students can check their assigned advisors when they need to make an appointment

• ARM provides early warning notifications for students that may be at-risk academically.

• Students can access their academic reports related to advising services.

•Contact students through emails

•Obtain academic support services such as PALs, Al Waha center, and Math Café

•Follow the progress of students during their assessments to improve the success criteria

•The system is effective and easy to use


1. Login with your ZU ID and password

2. Click on Start button

3. Fill in the appointment form for your preferred date/time

4. Submit the request form

5. Get Confirmation on the Date/Time from the advisor by Email

6. Meet the advisor online

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ZU Students

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Email us at: Student_success[@]

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