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[AAO] - Admission Acceptance Offer

Information Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022

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    After the official release of admission results by MOE

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This is an online link of the Admission Offer. This link is sent to admitted students through email and SMS message to confirm acceptance of the admission offer, update personal data, confirm reading ZU student handbook, agree on ZU policies and procedures related to confidentiality of data, off campus trips, and registration in SMS messages.


1- Student data is downloaded from NAPO/MOE system

2- An online link is sent to all admitted students

3- Student press the link, enter the verification code

4- Student confirm personal data, read student handbook, and agree to ZU policies and procedures related to confidentiality of data, off campus trips, and conditional offers.

Target Audience

ZU Students

Required Documents

No documents are needed

Service Contact

DXB_admission[@] AUH_admission[@]

Terms and Conditions


UAE Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

This service allows students to pursue a higher education degree that equips them with the knowledge, skills and competences that are needed for effective contribution to the social and economic development of the country. Maximizing participation in higher education will lead to more intellectual, competent and innovative citizens who would be able to compete effectively in the increasingly competitive and complex global market

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