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Information Last Updated Sep 24, 2020

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Student self-registration to courses for each semester in order to have a schedule


Your key contact person for Online Registration is your ADVISOR. Please make an appointment with your Advisor via ARM to review your planned courses and to get the ALT pin (password for online registration) so that you can register to courses.

1. Click Start, you will be redirect to Banner Web site.

2. Click on Secure Area.

3. Enter your ZU ID and Password to login.

4. Student logs in banner web based on a time ticket sent to him/her providing date and time.

5. Enter your ALTPIN (password for online registration).

6. Student inserts the courses he/she must register in.

7. Student submits his/her requests and gets an immediate response showing that the process was successfully completed or there is an issue with his/her course selection so he/she will do additional changes to complete the schedule.

Target Audience

ZU Students

Required Documents


Service Contact

Admissions & Registration Department: RegistrarAuh[@] or RegistrarDxb[@]

Terms and Conditions

1. Admissions & Registration Department is not authorized to provide the pin number directly to students. The pin numbers are available in Banner Web to the students' advisors a week before online registration takes place.

2. Admissions & Registration Department decides dates for online registration for different cohorts of students based on their GPA hours.

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