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Office of Student Support provides financial support opportunities for Zayed University students. These opportunities are exclusively focused on supporting students whose financial conditions may prevent them from continuing their university education. Financial Services and Supports Provided by the office are:

• Monthly Aid

• Laptop Purchase


1- Click on "Start This Service " button.

2- You will be redirected to "Smart Financial Aid Application".

3- watch the video for the steps and apply for aid accordingly.

Target Audience

ZU Students

Required Documents

1. A completed financial aid form. (can be retrieved from the used forms section)

2. Passport size photo for the student.

3. Copy of the student ZU ID.

4. Valid copy of student’s Passport.

5. Student national ID copy.

6. Copy of family National Identity booklet.

7. Valid copy of Guardian’s passport.

8. Guardian’s national ID copy.

9. Guardian’s Salary Slip – Mother and Father.(In case the Guardian – mother and father- is not working please provide non employment certificate).

10. Current bank statement (including 6 previous months).

11. Official loan documents including monthly installments.

12. Bring Certificate from Ministry of Social Affairs if you are receiving salary from them or not.

13. Certificate from Land Department.

14. Certificate from Department of Economic.

15. The leasing contract.

16. if the mother is divorced:

a. None married certificate.

b. Divorce certificate

c. Alimony certificate

d. Custody certificate

17. In case of death of the father:

a. Certificate of non-marriage of the mother

b. Death Certificates

c. Heritage Certificates

d. Father Salary certificate with the student share if any

e. Certificate from the minors affairs if you are receiving salary from them or not.

18.The university has the right to ask the student for any additional documents or to exempt him/her from some of the above mentioned documents.

Students with Emirati mothers ( please provide the previous documents 1-18 with the following documents)

19. Copy of mother passport.

20. Copy of mother national ID

21. Copy of mother National Identity booklet

22. Copy of all Emirates ID of all un-married, not working family members.

23. Certificate from Land Department for the mother

24. Certificate from Department of Economic for the mother

Service Contact

Abu Dhabi Campus: Asma Bani Salah/ Dubai Campus: Alya AlYassi / General Inquires: Sareea Alktbee

Terms and Conditions

Conditions for obtaining the Financial Aid

The Applicant must either hold a UAE passport with a family book or a child of an Emirati mother.

The applicant is expected to meet ZU’s attendance requirements, and to maintain a good academic standing i.e. a minimum GPA of 2.0.

If a student improves her / his academic performance and raised her / his GPA to 2.0 or more in Fall semester, the student will be eligible to receive monthly aid starting from the Spring semester of that academic year.

Applicant’s parents/guardians are aware of the financial support application prior to any support being provided.

Applications for financial support are submitted with the appropriate time frame and applications contain all the required documents.

Applicants should not be receiving financial support or regular assistance from any other association.

The average income per capital should not be over DHS. 3000 in order to receive a laptop.

The average income per capital should not be over DHS. 1500 in order to receive monthly aid.

The availability of financial resources.

Laptop Requirements

A Student is eligible to apply to obtain a laptop ONLY ONCE.

The Office of Student Support does not cover the cost of repairs or replacement laptops. Each student is responsible for their laptop.

The laptop granted to the student shall be considered as his/her own property.

The Student who fails to collect her/ his laptop within the official time frame (a week from receiving the notification email) will forfeit that laptop for another student. In case of repeated failure to collect the laptop within the fixed time frame without a convincing excuse, the student’s name will be deleted from the financial aid list(s).

Monthly Aid Requirements

Monthly Aid applications shall be ONLY submitted at the beginning of every academic year.

The student who fails to collect his/her aid within the official time frame (a week from receiving the notification email) will forfeit that month’s aid. In case of repeated failure to collect the aid within the fixed time frame without a convincing excuse, the student’s name will be deleted from the financial aid list(s).

To be eligible for an aid payment, a student should not have any other regular income.

The name of the student who fails to renew his/her financial aid application annually will be removed from financial aid support.

The monthly aid can ONLY be paid to the student; no other person may collect the aid.

Information regarding students’ eligibility for financial aid shall be ONLY disclosed in the presence of the student.

The Office of Student Support shall review and update students’ files, monthly and annually, to confirm the academic status of students. Students failing to meet academic requirements will no longer be entitled to financial support.

The Office of Student Support opens bank accounts for eligible students to deposit their monthly salaries.

Students who fail to open a bank account and do not provide the Office with their account number within a month of the committee’s approval will have their names removed from the list.

Financial aid shall be suspended in the following cases:

a. If the student drops out or discontinues his/her academic study for any reason.

b. If the student exceeds the 1-year maximum period at ABP (Academic Bridge Program) for English language.

c. If the Student gets a GPA of less than 2.0. New students are excluded from this item because they do not have a GPA.

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